ClearConnex is the Clear Solution

ClearConnex is the Clear Solution

ClearConnex is an engineering services firm unlike any other. We are the first and only services firm focused on device development that utilizes our licensable software products so you are not starting your product development from scratch. This gives you the flexibility and functionality of custom development with the cost effectiveness of an off the shelf product. The ClearConnex mission is to build embedded wireless communication products to meet timely and predictable schedules that achieve the customer's business, time-to-market and technical performance goals. ClearConnex achieves this through expert bundling of software products and engineering services, called the ClearSolution.

With the ClearSolution Software Platform you will:

• Reduce risk of not meeting business and technical targets
• Shorten the development path thus saving months of engineering cost and effort
• Launch early into market window schedule
• Eliminate delay of reinventing the same foundation all wireless products require
• Take advantage of platform maturity - having been deployed in many products
• Quickly develop your business's unique, high value application

With the ClearSolution Engineering Services you will:
• Collaborate with seasoned wireless engineering professionals
• Take advantage of decades of experience in building wireless applications
• Comprehend and control the unique challenges of building wireless devices
• Get first rate technical support before, during and after the development of your product.
• Incorporate your business goals in addition to your technical goals.

No matter what your wireless device requirements with the ClearSolution combination of Software Products, industry Partnerships and Engineering Services, we will build products that meet your business, market, technical targets and schedules.