Tools for your M2M software development toolbox.


There are not many tools out there for embedded developers focused on wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) devices. To help you start ahead in the development process, we’ve put together an M2M software development toolbox. The kind of tools that come from many years doing development in the wireless industry and leaning how to make that development easier and faster.

We have developed these tools to help us build our software products. We look forward to using them next time you engage our engineering services to develop your next M2M project. We utilize them when supporting the customers of hardware manufactures. You can use them to configure, test and demonstrate any of our products, wireless modules or wireless modems.

Here are a few of our available tools:

    ClearTerminal is taking the wireless embedded development world by storm.
    First, check out ClearTerminal, a robust, fully functional, Windows terminal.

    ClearComm Test Server debugs before you deploy.
    Second, explore ClearComm Test Server and see how you can operate our ClearComm software before you deploy.

Start close to the finish line.
In addition to our tools, to start you close to the finish line, we are the first and only wireless embedded engineering firm to provide licensable hardware products and licensable software product platforms that eliminate the necessity of developing your wireless applications and hardware from scratch. Plus, industry partners that make sure you work with the right companies at the right time.

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