Technical Support
Finish ahead with the technical help you need when you need it.

Technical Support

Pre sale. Post sale. On-going maintenance. If you are a hardware manufacturer or distributor you know resolving technical issues effectively is one of the key ways to help get your customers to market quickly and keep them loyal to your brand after the launch. Leverage ClearConnex expertise in wireless embedded device development and design for your technical support needs.

As wireless embedded engineering experts, many distributors and hardware manufacturers already rely on us to resolve their customer’s technical issues in a timely manner. With ClearConnex Technical Support, you’ll get:

Expertise. Your account will be assigned to a lead engineer who is an expert in your industry. This is not the kind of the thing you can teach a new tech overnight and expect to get professional results. The kind of results your brand is built on.

Access. Your customers have access to wireless M2M engineers by exclusive phone number and email address for answers about any contracted product, wireless or not. A separate ticket tracking system is also available

Relief. Relieve your internal engineering resources from having to deal with the same customer questions over and over again. Off load technical questions from your sales staff if you don’t have an engineering staff. Or simply create a technical resource without creating a full time position. Our technical support experts will handle first and second line technical support. You’ll come to think of us as an extension of your sales team, adding credibility that can help you win business and cement brand loyalty.

Reporting. At your request, we generate reports that can help your team track customer success. With these reports, you’ll spot trends and identify recurring issues. In fact, you’ll see what types of issues your customers are regularly running into and the average time each issue takes to resolve. Of course, regular meetings can be setup to review reports and discuss findings and newly identified challenges.

Inventory Management. Managing an inventory of devices with different firmware or carrier versions is not easy. In addition to supporting your customers, we can support your inventory management team. We provide cost effective services to manage the firmware and provisioning of your module and modem inventory. This includes things like upgrading firmware as well as downgrading and provisioning for different carriers.

The tools your customers need.
As we support your customers we pay attention to their recurring problems and listen to their needs. The result is that we can build for you hardware and software tools that will make your customer’s experience with your products better.

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