Software Products
Don’t reinvent the wheel ever again.

Software Products

Start ahead in the development process with ClearConnex licensable software platforms. You’ll build on an existing set of, mature, proven platforms to jump start the development of your next product. That eliminates the necessity of developing your wireless applications from scratch. You'll get to market and start generating revenue faster than your competitors.

On your mark, get set, finish.
Whether you are in Automotive, Healthcare, Home and Security, Asset Tracking, Energy, Point of Sale or Industrial Control and Monitoring, there are a growing number of software platform products to choose from, starting with:

See them in action
To see how you can start ahead with testing and integration, check out ClearComm Hardware Solutions for a list of open off the shelf modems that can come with ClearComm preloaded and ClearComm Server Solutions for a list of server solutions that the ClearComm Platform has already been tested and proven on.

Start close to the finish line.
In addition to our software, to start you close to the finish line, we also provide licensable hardware products and services that allow you to add our wireless expertise to your internal team or contracting staff..

The tools we offer can help you develop products on your own and our industry partners make sure you work with the right companies at the right time.

Finish ahead services. At your service.
In the hands of embedded wireless experts like ClearConnex, our Software Products are a powerful tool. Combining Start Ahead building blocks like ClearComm or ClearLink with our Finish Ahead Engineering Services, you’ll get wireless embedded systems to market faster every time. And the application we develop for you will stay relevant for years to come.

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