Project Management
Finish ahead by making sure your project is managed right. Right from the start.

Project Management

Projects don’t manage themselves. Project management is a critical part of the any development process. That’s why we can manage the entire project lifecycle for you or simply augment your team. Either way, you’ll tap into the resources of experienced, skilled project managers. Not to mention the tried-and-true processes and clearly defined steps that help ensure you finish ahead.

Many underestimate the importance of project management. Don’t be one of them. Here’s how we can help:

1. The Requirements phase: Getting to know you. Whether you come to us with the proverbial "back of the napkin" drawing or with fully defined specifications, we set out to gain an in-depth understanding of your business goals, scope and boundaries of the project. The resulting artifact is a detailed Requirements Specification.

2. The Feasibility phase: Weighing your options. Do your technical goals fit with your business goals and timeline? We work with you to make that determination, helping you weigh options, prioritize requirements and validate assumptions. It often means changes to the Requirements Specification – revisions, shifts in priorities, or breaking it into phases. Whatever it takes to get the job done in the timeframe you need.

3. The Gap Analysis phase: How far ahead are we starting? Once the project scope is finalized, we apply our arsenal of software and hardware products to determine how much of your project is already completed and how much additional functionality has yet to be built.

4. The Design phase: Building the roadmap to success. Once we determine which parts of your system need to be built, we create a System Design that shows how we’ll integrate and develop all of the system’s building blocks. This document not only smoothes communications during development but is required to maintain the system after your product has gone to market.

5. Development schedules: No surprises, no unforeseen delays. With the hard part done, we prepare a comprehensive project schedule to review with you in weekly status meetings, where we also report progress and risks and make necessary revisions.

6. Regulatory Approval Consultation, FCC/PTCRB/Carrier. We design the hardware from the start to meet all regulatory requirements. Near completion, we manage the regulatory approval processes using accredited testing facilities.

7. Maintenance Phase: After the launch. Typically when you buy a car you must plan for the vehicle's ongoing maintenance. Your wireless embedded product is no different. Once your product is launched ClearConnex will help you navigate changing carrier requirements, wireless modules going end of life and customer requests for new features. ClearConnex will continue to be a partner in maintaining your product long after it goes to market.

Projects don’t manage themselves. Finish ahead with ClearConnex Project Management Services.

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