Start Ahead And Finish Ahead With The Right Partners


Building a machine to machine (M2M) wireless solution requires many parts and pieces. With so many companies out there, how do you know where to start, who to turn to, or what questions to ask? Let ClearConnex help.

If you already have the right partners, great. We look forward to working with them. If not, that’s OK. For years ClearConnex has been working to find the perfect partners that can help us get your system to market fast.

The Power of Three.
ClearConnex Products, Services and Partnerships. Taken all together, your next wireless development project will start ahead and finish ahead. Ahead of schedule. Ahead of projections. Ahead of the competition.

How to find your way.
Network Service providers. Device Management Platforms. Contract manufacturing firms. If you need help choosing trusted partners to put your wireless M2M system together we can help. It’s just another way we help you start ahead and finish ahead.

Here is a list of our M2M Wireless Embedded System Partners:

It’s more than a philosophy.
Our strategic partnerships are key to finishing ahead. Add our proven, innovative licensable products as exceptional building blocks to start your project ahead in any industry with our expert services and you will start ahead and finish ahead every time.

We are ClearConnex, an innovative embedded engineering firm like no other. Start ahead and finish ahead on your wireless device project today. Contact us now.