Hardware Products
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Hardware Products

Yes, you can even speed time to market by not starting projects from scratch with our hardware products. Over the last few years we have worked with customers to design a wide range of wireless embedded devices. You can now reap the benefits of all this hard earned experience and utilize the hardware building blocks we have collected.

With this experience we have also developed off the shelf hardware products you can purchase right now and building blocks for your next custom design. You will never start a hardware design from scratch ever again.

Plug in and expand capabilities of existing systems. For starters.
Easily expand off the shelf modems with our expansion cards like the GPS Plus II or Zigbee Plus. It’s the easy way to increase the functionality of off the shelf modems with little or no design time or application development.

All Expansion cards are compatible with the Sierra Wireless Fastrack, Xact Trax and Maestro Heritage modems. Software support for the Expansion cards are provided by our wireless device agent, ClearComm.

Our expansion card designs are also a building block that can be used as a head start on developing other capabilities for wireless embedded devices. Or even when you are planning to design a custom device.

By engaging our Engineering Services for a custom design you’ll get to see how industry expertise, embedded system know-how and our building blocks can help you finish very far ahead..

Developer tools are found here, too.
Over the years, we have built hardware tools during the development, testing and manufacturing of wireless embedded devices, that made it easier for us to bring them to market faster.

Check out the Engineering Cable for the Sierra Wireless Fastrack and Maestro M100 and the Q26 Gang Loader.

The engineering cables and gang loader are a great companions for our software developer Tools, including our free HyperTerminal replacement, ClearTerminal.

The list is growing.
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