ClearTerminal 2.0
The full-featured, free terminal program for M2M Development.

ClearTerminal 2.0

ClearTerminal is a free terminal application designed to meet the needs of Machine to Machine (M2M) wireless device developers. ClearTerminal runs in a Windows environment and works with any wireless modem.

Now in its second generation, ClearTerminal adds a long list of useful features to those that made the original version so successful at helping wireless device developers start ahead. ClearTerminal development has been driven in large part to user feedback and the real needs of our own engineering department.

The perfect launchpad for the ClearComm Platform.
One of the major reasons we developed ClearTerminal was to help us test, configure and support ClearComm, a licensable software platform we offer that jump starts wireless device software development. You can do the same.

There are two important ways you can use ClearTerminal and ClearComm together:

  1. To continually develop, test and demonstrate the features of the ClearComm platform
  2. To control, update and maintain ClearComm when deployed in the field

Plug-in system is a huge plus.
ClearTerminal is extensible thanks to the Plug-in system. This will enable ClearConnex to quickly extend ClearTerminal’s current capaibilities by building plug-in modules to help customers perform bench testing, field testing, emulation and demos.

The first available plug-in is a good example; it’s a GPS simulator that allows developers to test GPS solutions during the initial development phases of the project, eliminating the need to waste time doing many types of field tests.

Wireless development not your thing?
It’s ours. Let ClearConnex Software Engineers use ClearTerminal as a starting point for building customer bench tests, manufacturing tests or simulation applications for you. We can even customize the core functionality of ClearTerminal to meet the precise.

Stay tuned.
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To find out about a licensable version of ClearTerminal, or to discuss anything you’d like about ClearTerminal, contact us now. Your feedback and inquiries are critical.