Future proof your applications against change and always finish ahead.


Have you ever tried to write an application to run both in Linux and Windows 7? Or migrate your application from one embedded Operating System (OS) to another? How many hours of application development were wasted just to recreate the same application again? With ClearOS, switching processors and OS migrations are no longer a problem.

Imagine. For now on you can spend your limited resources adding new features and value to your applications instead of just recreating the old features on a new OS.

Practical abstractions.
Thanks to ClearOS, your code can be written so it is no longer locked into any OS, processor or development environment. It’s completely agnostic. That’s because ClearOS is an operating system abstraction that we created to make it easy for you to defensively design applications for now and the future.

Here are three practical things ClearOS can future proof against:

  • Your microprocessor is end of life and your new processor isn’t supported by your OS
  • You migrate over to a new operating system platform because of new business needs
  • You need code that’s high enough quality and conforms to the ANSI-C standard so that it will build in any development environment

Building blocks make a strong foundation.
ClearOS is a building block that can be used to defensively design applications against OS or processor migrations. Instead of heavily modifying your application in order to conform to the Application Programmer Interface (API) of a new OS, just change a small set of abstraction functions.

Better still, if ClearOS already supports the OS, you don’t have to do a thing. It’s called future proofing. You will be a believer next time you need to migrate your application to a new OS.

Remove the slugs from de-bugging.
Say good bye to the limited debugging capabilities of an embedded development environment. Thanks to ClearOS, you can develop and debug most of your application in Microsoft Windows using Microsoft Visual Studio. That’s a powerful debugging environment.

Build your device application without the device.
Another benefit of working with Windows and Visual Studio through ClearOS is that you can develop most of your embedded application without needing the embedded device. That means you can be well into application development before the first prototype has even been built.

Better still, using ClearOS will prevent developers from sitting idle because of a limited number of prototypes once they have been built. This is a whole new way of getting to market sooner.

With a strong foundation comes strong support.
By engaging our Engineering Software Services for building your custom application, you’ll get embedded system know-how and building blocks like ClearOS, ClearLink, ClearUSB and ClearComm . These building blocks help you start ahead and finish ahead every time because you don’t have to start any application from scratch ever again.

Stay tuned.
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