ClearConnex adds the LS Research ZigBee Plus Expansion Card to its product roster. Starting ahead is now in the cards like never before.

ClearConnex adds the LS Research ZigBee Plus Expansion Card to its product roster. Starting ahead is now in the cards like never before.

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, January 26, 2012 — In yet another profound advancement of its start ahead, finish ahead philosophy, Research Triangle Park-based ClearConnex, an innovative embedded wireless engineering firm, is pleased to announce the addition of the ZigBee Plus Expansion Cardto its quickly growing roster of products.

The card was developed in strategic partnership with Cedarburg, Wisconsin-based LS Research (LSR), a leader in local area wireless product development, certification and manufacturing and a trusted ClearConnex partner in local wireless. Like all ClearConnex Plus Expansion Cards, the ZigBee Plus Card can be added to expand off the shelf modem capabilities with virtually no application or hardware development time.

Compatibility is critical.
Compatible off the shelf wireless modems include Sierra Wireless Fastrack, Maestro Heritage and Xact Trax. ClearConnex's ClearComm software will include support for the card as well. Other ClearConnex expansion cards include the GPS Plus Card II. Plus Expansion Cards are available for license or quote now.

Strategic partnerships are key.
Ryan Rangel, ClearConnex CEO, "Working with LS Research on the development of the ZigBee Plus Expansion Card was extremely productive. I appreciate the local area wireless expertise they bring to the table. It's a perfect complement to our wide area wireless expertise. This synergy has combined to produce an exceptional expansion card.

I can see that LS Research will be an invaluable strategic partner with us on many card and module projects to come. Developing customizable building blocks with them to increase our start ahead capabilities is just good business."

At your service. To finish ahead.
Rangel adds, "The design is an example of a customizable building block to start hardware projects ahead. On one hand, we can take off-the-shelf modems and expand its capabilities to include new functionality, like ZigBee. Or, the functionality of this card can be integrated into a fully custom design.

In fact, with our design services we could add new functionality to any expandable platform and have a custom device at a fraction of the development costs of a fully customized device that was made from scratch. A great example of our start ahead, finish ahead philosophy."

Starting ahead is practical.
LSR President Bill Steinike agrees. "This ZigBee Plus Card turns regular off the shelf wireless modems into a ZigBee-to-cellular gateway and is a great complement to our ModFLEX product line, including our soon-to-be announced USB to ZigBee/802.15.4 and Ethernet to ZigBee/802.15.4 gateways. It's a great way to increase modem functionality without reinventing the wheel."

Added Theresa Benson, LSR's Business Development Director, "This is just the beginning of how we can expand off the shelf modems with new wireless capabilities. We have a family of Wi-Fi modules, TiWi™, that we're looking forward to working with ClearConnex on in the near future. Our relationship promises to be a 'start ahead, finish ahead' effort."

About LS Research
LS Research is a premier wireless product development company specializing in RF design. Our design services include hardware and software development, antenna design, CAD and layout. We also provide EMC certification services, and sell both catalog and custom-developed RF modules. LSR is at the forefront of the latest wireless technologies including Wi-Fi, RFID, MICS, NFC, Bluetooth, BLE, ANT+, 802.15.4, and ZigBee. We have developed a long history of helping Fortune 500 companies and startups with new product development. LS Research is the only wireless product development firm with turnkey design service, modules, and an on-site IEC 17025-approved test facility for all your testing and certification needs, including EMC scanning, ETSI testing, and FCC and IC certification.

About ClearConnex
RTP North Carolina-based ClearConnex specializes in finishing any wireless device project ahead with expert engineering services that build upon innovative product platforms. To start projects ahead, ClearConnex provides a proven set of licensable software and hardware products as customizable building blocks. This approach combines the flexibility and functionality of custom development with the cost effectiveness of an off-the-shelf solution-an industry first.

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