ClearComm Server Solutions
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ClearComm Server Solutions

ClearConnex continues to work with application server partners to integrate the ClearComm protocol with their platforms. If you already have your own server solution then great, we look forward to integrating ClearComm with that solution. But if you don't, you can finish ahead by not building your own server application from scratch or going through the painful process of integrating a new device with that new application. This starts you ahead by providing a truly off-the-shelf end-to-end solution without requiring you to invest in servers, development and testing yourself.

Using a ClearConnex Application Server Partner ensures that you will get to market faster. You are already starting ahead on the device development with ClearComm, why develop an application server from scratch? The only thing you should worry about is adding the special features that make your product unique to an existing server platform. That’ll save you time and money.

Customize more cost effectively.
With ClearComm already integrated with a server partner’s platform, you may see most of the technology for your application already created and in place. From there, ClearConnex can work with our application server partners to customize a solution even further to meet your needs better.

Hardware Support is already in place.
Because we have already integrated application server platforms with ClearComm, that means that any ClearComm Powered hardware will already communicate with Server Platform Partners out of the box. You can’t get to market any faster than that.

Take a test drive.
As you review the list of server partners below, a few of our partners have provided instructions on how to download or sign up for a demo account on their system. If demo accounts are not available, contact us and we will be happy to work with our partner to arrange a demo for you.

The ClearComm Sample Server eases integrations. Anywhere.
If you already have a server solution then ClearConnex has developed a sample test server application that implements the ClearComm binary protocol. This sample server is written in C# and the source code may be licensed free of charge to ClearComm customers.

Stay tuned.
We have several new products in development and many potential new partners we’re talking to. Sign up for our newsletter to make sure you keep up with our latest offerings and news to see what’s up.

Don’t re-invent the wheel. Work with ClearConnex Application Server Partners today.

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