ClearComm Server Solutions
Application server partners are key. Critical. Essential. Growing.

ClearComm Server Solutions

ClearConnex continues to work with application server partners to integrate the ClearComm protocol with their platforms. If you already have your own server solution then great, we look forward to integrating ClearComm with that solution. But if you don't, you can finish ahead by not building your own server application from scratch or going through the painful process of integrating a new device with that new application. This starts you ahead by providing a truly off-the-shelf end-to-end solution without requiring you to invest in servers, development and testing yourself.

Using a ClearConnex Application Server Partner ensures that you will get to market faster. You are already starting ahead on the device development with ClearComm, why develop an application server from scratch? The only thing you should worry about is adding the special features that make your product unique to an existing server platform. That’ll save you time and money.

Customize more cost effectively.
With ClearComm already integrated with a server partner’s platform, you may see most of the technology for your application already created and in place. From there, ClearConnex can work with our application server partners to customize a solution even further to meet your needs better.

Hardware Support is already in place.
Because we have already integrated application server platforms with ClearComm, that means that any ClearComm Powered hardware will already communicate with Server Platform Partners out of the box. You can’t get to market any faster than that.

Take a test drive.
As you review the list of server partners below, a few of our partners have provided instructions on how to download or sign up for a demo account on their system. If demo accounts are not available, contact us and we will be happy to work with our partner to arrange a demo for you.

The ClearComm Sample Server eases integrations. Anywhere.
If you already have a server solution then ClearConnex has developed a sample test server application that implements the ClearComm binary protocol. This sample server is written in C# and the source code may be licensed free of charge to ClearComm customers.

Stay tuned.
We have several new products in development and many potential new partners we’re talking to. Sign up for our newsletter to make sure you keep up with our latest offerings and news to see what’s up.

Don’t re-invent the wheel. Work with ClearConnex Application Server Partners. Below is the growing list of our Server Partners:

Axeda provides the most advanced cloud-based software for managing connected products and implementing innovative M2M applications. We take the cost and complexity out of connecting and remotely servicing the products of the world’s leading companies. Our customers use our M2M cloud service to deliver innovative M2M solutions and optimize their business processes with data from their connected products.

By relying on the Axeda® Platform to power their connected products, companies are transforming their business by improving customer satisfaction, reducing costs, and generating new sources of revenue. The M2M solutions behind these connected products range from remote service, fleet management, usage-based insurance, asset tracking, mHealth, and more. Join our developer community at: and learn more at

Exosite's customers need connectivity to visualize, deliver and act on data from their products and facilities. Our software provides a central vantage point, enabling companies to build and deploy the next generation of connected products, supplying them with data driven insight into their operations. Exosite’s cloud-based data platform does things like manage communications between devices & users, run calculations & transformations on data, store & retrieve information, process rules, and send dispatches. It is distributed, redundant and fault tolerant – the core building block for Exosite-powered applications. Exosite Portals is our web based application to manage and interact with connected products – from micro-controller powered devices to server-based systems. Find our more at and find developer documentation at

Sign up and add a few ClearComm enabled devices for free at:

Gentrifi provides Software as a Service (SaaS) applications for tracking, managing, and protecting mobile and fixed assets that help businesses increase service revenue, improve asset utilization and reduce operating expenses.

GpsGate develops innovative software solutions for web based GPS tracking. Our goal is to provide our customers with affordable software providing real business value. Our strategy is to be open with the possibilities, documentation and limitations in our products. This will hopefully lead you to an easier decision on if and how to use our products. GpsGate is the brand for our suite of GPS tracking products and solutions. The company behind GpsGate is Franson Technology AB. Franson Technology AB is a privately held company based in Stockholm, Sweden.

You can get the GpsGate server platform for free with licenses for up to 5 devices, when you purchase an M2M Quickstart Developer Kit from RichardsonRFPD or download it here:

You can also view instructional videos on installing and using GpsGate at:

Since 1995, Hilton Development Group, Inc. has been developing leading edge wireless solutions targeted towards consumer and business needs. Over the past 10 years our focus has shifted to the emerging Machine to Machine communications market. We have built our company around the principles of providing comprehensive solutions with the most customer benefit. We understand the needs of companies looking to deploy M2M solutions, which is why we have designed our solution to be simple and straightforward, yet robust and powerful enough to handle the most demanding projects.

SensorLogic powers the next generation of machine-to-machine applications (M2M 2.0) that help people and businesses harness real-time intelligence from smart devices. The Company’s cloud-based Service Delivery Platform delivers M2M-as-a-Service to solution providers, wireless network operators, system integrators, original equipment manufacturers and enterprise IT organizations. SensorLogic products help companies rapidly build and deploy valuable, automated services that manage and monetize the connected world.

VisTracks, Inc., is a Geospatial Business Intelligence company that has a unique position and movement analytics platform for creating the next generation of cloud-based geospatial analytical software as a service (SaaS) solutions. The services, which include Geospatial Analytics, Asset Tracking, Data Services and a Visual Analytics Dashboard, are offered through a modern cloud computing environment as a platform for constructing geospatial solutions.