Start ahead on custom device development. Or with popular off-the-shelf modems.


The M2M industry is maturing. In the past, you either had to accept the limitations of an off-the-shelf modem or you had to start building a new device from scratch. Because of ClearComm, your options have now multiplied.

ClearComm is a mature, proven, hardware agnostic software platform that can be loaded on any off-the-shelf modem or added to custom designed hardware. Here are three clear advantages of working with ClearComm:

Cost savings. And time savings.
ClearComm can be added to inexpensive, open, off-the-shelf modems which provides communication functionality as good or better than any closed modem on the market. The off-the-shelf modem can be made even better by customizing ClearComm to meet your specific needs. This method results in customized solutions at off-the-shelf prices.

The ultimate springboard.
Learning a new technology like wireless takes time. With the ClearComm platform, you’ll eliminate risks and remove the learning curve to allow your developers to focus on the core application without needing to re-invent the same functionality that all cellular and wireless applications require. It’s a toolbox full of all kinds of functionality that your team doesn’t need to figure out how to build. So, why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to?

Network Configurations? Application Server Integration? No problem.
ClearComm contains many options to configure devices to communicate with your server platform and ClearConnex continues to work with application server partners to have the ClearComm protocol integrated into a growing number of server solutions. This provides a truly off-the-shelf solution without requiring costly server integrations.

If you already have a server solution then ClearConnex has developed a sample test server application that implements the ClearComm binary protocol to simplify integration. This sample server is written in C# and the source code may be licensed free of charge to ClearComm customers.

Highly Configurable
ClearComm is built on a foundation of software building blocks that allow it to be configured for a wide range of uses. One element at the foundation of ClearComm is the Event System. This allows any Event in the system to trigger any Action within ClearComm. The other foundational part of ClearComm is the “Endpoint” subsystem. This allows any type of I/O to be tied into any other type of I/O.

Endpoints we support today include local I/O like UART and USB. Network endpoints include TCP, UDP, SMTP, POP, FTP, HTTP (over both cellular network and Ethernet), and SMS. These are the secret to how ClearComm can meet so many customer needs without requiring custom programming.

Future Proof? Clearly.
Moving your application, built on top of ClearComm, to a new device is no problem. Because with ClearComm being hardware agnostic, as modems go end of life, changing modems to meet new business requirements or moving from an off-the-shelf modem to a custom modem, requires little or no re-work. And since the ASCII and Binary protocol are hardware agnostic, you don’t even need to change anything on your server solution either.

Firmware Over The Air updates? Count on it.
ClearComm supports Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) updates. With ClearComm and FOTA, you can update your device without requiring a technician to service devices in the field. This comes in handy when you need to add features as business requirements change.

ASCII and Binary? You bet.
ClearComm supports two protocol types: Binary and ASCII. The ASCII protocol is easy to use and is ideal for provisioning, testing and building a quick system prototype. The protocol is based on V.250 / 3GPP 27.007 AT commands with additional features for enabling server communications. The protocol is also human readable. You can communicate with ClearComm using a terminal program such as ClearTerminal , a free Hyperterminal-like replacement.

The binary protocol is intended for product deployment. It is designed to be compact, yet simple and straightforward. Depending on your usage model, the binary protocol may use less than 60% of the data traffic of most ASCII protocols - a significant savings in your data usage cost. The Binary protocol has already been integrated with a number of Application Server Platforms. ClearComm even supports our hardware building blocks as well.

Finish ahead services. At your service.
In the hands of embedded wireless experts like ClearConnex, ClearComm is a powerful tool. Combining Start Ahead building blocks like ClearComm with our Finish Ahead Engineering Services, you’ll get wireless embedded systems to market faster every time. And the application we develop for you will stay relevant for years to come.

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