ClearLink Windows Demo Application
See Future Proof In Action.

ClearLink Windows Demo Application

ClearLink is a library that provides an Application Programmer Interface (API) for any wireless M2M module and is used by embedded developers needing to build a wireless enabled application that resides on a device. In order to show you the power of ClearLink in action we have built the Windows Demonstration Application. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Download the ClearLink Windows Demo App onto your PC
  2. Attach the Developer Kit for any supported module to your PC using the appropriate interface (either RS-232 or USB)
  3. Start the ClinkLink Windows Demo App
  4. Select the correct serial port number and settings
  5. Finally, select the correct wireless module driver

After the application starts you will be able to utilize all the features of ClearLink including:

  • Read the device status and identification information
  • Send and Receive SMS messages
  • Activate and Deactivate Data Sessions
  • Open, Close, Read and Write Sockets

Stay tuned.
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